Technology Tools

Here you will find some of my favorite technology tools to use in the classroom. All of these are beneficial to ELLs. I will continue to add to this list regularly as I find new products and I will share my reviews so that you can know what to expect.

Extensions for Google Chrome:
Read&Write for Google - Read my review here.
Snapverter - This is an add-on for Read&Write. Read my review here.

Differentiating Reading:
My Top 9 Favorite Websites to Simplify Reading - a list of websites that allow you to share the same text at different reading levels.
Tween Tribune - Free from the Smithsonian, Daily news articles at a variety of age and reading levels. Teachers can create a class and have quiz results sent to them.

Practice and Application:
Edueto - Great for formative assessment. Teachers can create classes and then use a variety of assignment templates to quickly create assignments to send to students.

Writing Websites:
Quill Writer - collaborative writing game, teachers can create their own. Read my review here.

Presenting Information:

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